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The Platinum Ltd is a boutique marketing solutions firm, focused on providing strategic business consultancy.

Our integrated management consulting, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and public relations approach have supported our clients in achieving their strategic goals.

We thank our clients & associates for their confidence in helping them with their needs.

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The Platinum Ltd is not just in business.

We are on a mission to help our clienteles achieve their goals responsibly.

While integrity is what we stand for, we serve with head & heart.

Our mantra is to deliver premium results in time, every time.


We operate in ethically and financially responsible ways that enrich society and the environment.

One of our channels is philanthropic endeavors through the causes we believe in.

Some of our contributions:

• Build & maintain waterwells

• Enhance health & well-being

• Provide access to education to children

• Produced 3,000 education books

• Support agroforestry initiatives

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CCDO Volunteers
CCDO Volunteers
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C3 Gamig


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The Platinum Ltd., is proud to partner with C3 Gaming consortium based in Las Vegas.

C3 Gaming provides a network of independent casino consultants, architectural and design firms, market research providers, marketing consultants, gaming-centric advertising agencies, business intelligence / data / technology firms, and financial professionals with high levels of expertise in the casino industry.

The C3 Network of consultants spans the globe and have intimate knowledge and expertise of gaming markets in multiple jurisdictions.

​Clients benefit from having a seamless relationship to a network of respective experts that can effectively meet their needs in a coordinated fashion. C3 can connect clients with the most appropriate consultant or serve as Project Leader on consulting projects that include one or more of its consulting partners. In these scenarios, C3 will assemble a team of consultants with the expertise necessary to complete a portion of the assignment. 

C3 Gaming provides you with a convenient monthly report combining all public commercial gaming data with C3 expert analysis for effective performance tracking and benchmarking. Go to the 'DATA ROOM' section for more information at 

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