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Just Do Good Business

Join us for a panel discussion on how to become good leaders, just by doing good business.

Date: 14 March Time: 6:30 PM Venue: Fundação Rui Cunha 官樂怡基金會

Panelists comprises of Ms. Mary Mendoza, Dr. Stephan Rothlin, S.J., Ms. Ruby Hok Meng O, and Prof. Dr. Rui Martins. Moderated by: Mr. José Carlos Matias

The panel discussion will focus on several issues, including how to recognize a good leader, how educational institutions and the media can foster good leadership, progress in CSR and ESG in Macau and Hong Kong, the key issues of CSR in Macau, the main obstacles, and whether an award can contribute to the progress of good business. The First Deignan Award is special because it emphasizes responsible entrepreneurship, ethical behavior, and corporate social responsibility.


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