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Year of the Water Rabbit

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

19 January 2023

A yearly Feng Shui guide by CLSA has been published. The Platinum Ltd., would like to share some insight that may influence your business. Read on to find out more.


Welcome to our annual tongue-in-cheek Feng Shui guide, an alternative look at what’s in the stars for you and the Hang Seng Index in 2023. On 4 February, the Water Rabbit will emerge from her burrow to take her place in the Feng Shui cycle. Our cover takes inspiration from the Chinese idiom 兔起鶻落, which translates to "when rabbits are about, the falcons swoop". This year's bazi, or destiny chart, advises us to step out of our comfort zone but remain mindful of perils afoot. After all, a rabbit's foot is lucky for everyone but the fluffy woodland creature.

More for your pleasure than profit, we reveal your zodiac's health, wealth, love and career stars, suggest good places to settle and how to mitigate negative energy, highlight lucky sectors, speculate on celebrity fortunes and, most importantly, predict the Hang Seng Index's monthly bunny path.

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