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OPINION – Five strategies to drive foreign visitation

September 14, 2022

By Mary Mendoza, Managing director of The Platinum Limited, a gaming-hospitality consulting firm.

Back in 2019, Macau citizens were struggling to cope with the success of having 39 million tourists denoting an overcrowding of Chinese visitors in the enclave. There was congestion in the streets around San Malo (Avenida Almeida Ribeiro), tour groups at Ruins of St. Paul’s, long queues savouring street delicacies at Taipa Village’s Rua da Cunha, and the hassle of taking public transportation; topping it off with a frustrating negotiation with cab drivers due to unlawful fare hikes and refusal to drive local passengers.

The tables have turned. The problem today is the shortage of tourists. Almost three years since the beginning of the pandemic, the world is yet to find a formula that balances between zero COVID policy and market growth.

This article is a continuation of the concepts developed in “Committed to Driving International Market”, published in these pages last month.


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