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GBA City Series – Exclusive Attributes of GBA’s Tourism & Leisure

The Greater Bay Area Tourism & Leisure Committee of FMCC has produced a groundbreaking article that showcases the latest findings in the field of tourism and leisure.

Spearheaded by Ms. Mary Mendoza, the managing director of The Platinum Limited, we present a sneak peek into the exciting discoveries awaiting us in 2024.


✨ Hong Kong: A bustling mix of Eastern and Western cultures, famous for its skyscrapers and vibrant dining scene.

✨ Macau: A blend of Chinese and Portuguese heritage, offering a rich festival culture and World Heritage Sites.

✨ Guangzhou: The heart of the GBA, a historic trading post now known for its extensive shopping and financial sectors.

✨ Shenzhen: From a small fishing village to a high-tech metropolis, offering picturesque beaches and traditional festivals.

✨ Zhuhai: A leisure hub with scenic attractions like the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Lovers’ Road.

✨ Foshan: The birthplace of Cantonese opera and martial arts, rich in cultural history.

✨ Huizhou: A blend of urban and natural beauty, famous for its Hui architecture and cultural heritage.

✨ Dongguan: Known for its scenic historical spots and as a global business hub.

✨ Zhongshan: The hometown of Sun Yat-sen, blending history with natural beauty.

✨ Jiangmen: Rich in overseas Chinese heritage, featuring the UNESCO-listed Kaiping Diaolou.

✨ Zhaoqing: Known for its natural wonders like the Seven Star Crags and Dinghu Mountain.


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